Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Random: Ghanaians Love Wrestling...

... so this BBC story about the son of a Ghanaian family of intellectuals who has become a superstar WWE wrestler, but not before shedding his Ghanaian identity in favour of a Jamaican one (goes down better with the Yanks apparently) is probably not going to go down very well around these parts.

Then again, he did keep the 'Kofi'. Besides, many Ghanaians are:

a) Prone to the spontaneous development of Locally Acquired Foreign Accents (LAFAs). Hardly surprising after being bombarded with ex-President Rawlings' 'special' accent for over two decades.

b) Very forgiving: as the saying goes, 'fa ma Nyame'/'Ebeye yie' ('give it to God' / 'all will be well').

I've heard Mr Kingston's Jamaican accent is pretty atrocious. Ironically, that probably makes him more Ghanaian.

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