Friday, August 29, 2008

News: There Goes the Neighbourhood

Controversial though it may be, reports earlier this year suggest that Ghana plans to go nuclear by 2018 as a solution to our electricity problems. Looks like our Nigerian brethren just beat us to it though.

N: Oga, I don't like the idea of a Ghanaian or a Nigerian with their finger on any Red Button.
G: Chaley, calm down: it's only for electricity.
N: True... true... but hasn't Iran been telling the US the same thing? North Korea too...
G: Ei, you're right. Anyway, don't worry. This is Ghana and, unlike you, we don't have oil.
N: ...
G: Oh s**t.

Don't worry.

When Obama said he'd break America's addiction to Middle Eastern oil within ten years, I'm pretty sure he meant breaking addiction to all fossil fuels, wherever they're extracted...?

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