Monday, January 26, 2009

Geek: Twitter

I just read an interesting post on the potential of Twitter in Africa. I must admit to being slow on the take regarding Twitter. My understanding of it is that it's something like Facebook status updates except perhaps they can be longer in length. I must be more significant than that though.

I'm going to have to ask Emmanuel.


  1. Interesting article by Soyapi. Before reading, I thought Twitter was an internet-specific application. Now I know it is usable on mobile phones. Great communication possibilities. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Interesting you should mention Twitter. Joined two weeks ago and see absolutely no point in being on it. Exactly the same as facebook status updates minus the fun. I suppose I have to link it to my mobile.

  3. Yeah, I agree with Abena.

    If I can link it with my phone, then the possibilities could be interesting. Imagine your whole family on Twitter and you need to send word around of a birth/wedding/death: no need to call/text one by one. Just post a message.

    How realistic is it though that one can get one's entire family on Twitter? Not my family, I can tell you that!

  4. Update: just saw this on the difference between Facebook and Twitter.

  5. oh...
    i just thought it was sound of some bird/mouselike creature...


    well, this just gives more options... let it come if it's not already here

  6. All these new developments are great but hey! when do we ever get our work done and good old-fashioned socialising (as in meeting up for a drink/meal/party) if we spend all our time either on internet, cell phone or other..?!!!
    Have a great day..:)