Tuesday, January 27, 2009

TV: West Africa's Next Top Model

My dying-to-model sister will be all over this show... okay, okay: I will watch it too, but only because Oluchi's in it (fine, she's not Liya Kebede... but Oluchi's still cool).

I understand that it makes sense to crawl before walking but if auditions are only being held in London, New York and a couple of Nigerian cities, then why not call the show 'Nigeria's Next Top Model' (especially seeing as the existing NNTM was a one-off Nigerian TV event back in 2007)?

I'm sure Ghanaians and other non-Nigerian West Africans can apply, but would it not have been fairer (not to say more West African) to knock off New York & London and throw in Accra and Abidjan or something? Or do we not have models of decent calibre here?

Seems a little slanted if you ask me.

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