Monday, March 16, 2009

News: Cleopatra's Mother Was African

Apparently, this is news to some people. How quaint. Even the BBC put it in their Also in the News section.

*Shakes his head and moves along...*


  1. As a north Sudanese Nubian I can say that we're used to the big media dialectic (the National Geographic Magazine has historically been a big offender) that white-washes ancient Egypt, with the collusion of the Egyptian state which promotes the use Pharaonic imagery / legend to forge a sense of national belonging & pride - and most Egyptians are tanned not brown or black.
    Us Nubians (brown as mud) are living descendents of the fore-fathers and fore-mothers who built the pyramids and temples that dot our landscape. Oh and we speak Nubian (Kenzi & Nobiin) - ancient languages descended from the as yet undeciphered Meroitic script.
    But who cares - right?

  2. HAHAHAHAHA! That's a good one! I'm not sure whether I should really be laughing or crying at the way the western media will try to uphold and defend their stupidity no matter how moronic it makes them look.