Sunday, June 7, 2009

Interview: Questions for Ato Kwamina Dadzie

It's been just over a month since I started working in the Joy FM newsroom and one of the best things about the experience so far has been watching one of my favourite Ghanaian journalists in action.

Ato Kwamina Dadzie is hands-down the country's funniest commentator. One listen to his newspaper reviews on the Super Morning Show, his Not-News segment on the Weekend City Show or a read of any of his blog articles should be enough to confirm this to anyone with any doubts.

Even better than all that though, Ato's been kind enough to agree to an interview on this blog so I figured I would throw it over to you.

All questions welcome. No holds barred (I think).


  1. My question is this, "what political party do you support". BTW thanks for providing the link to his blog, didn't know about it and liked the last piece he wrote

  2. 1. Where do you derive inspiration for the comedy? Genes or inspiration?

    2. Do you plan to launch any TV shows any time soon other than the occasional cameo appearances you make on KSM's TGIF?

  3. i don't know what question to ask really!

    for me he represents part of the conscience of society through humour!

    and for one like me who loves to take good jibes are leadership, i just love his style. no hypocrisy and i hope he stays true to this principle!

    so maybe my question would be: what would make him put aside his principles? money? women? food? what?

    enjoy yourself.


  5. 1) what are the biggest challenges faacing ghanaian journalism at the moment?

    2)... and how does he try counter them through his work?

    3) who is his favourite journalist and why?

    4) what are his long-term goals?

    P.S. - please do let him know i'm eager to meet him (AND the woman that puts up with him)... so any Sunday he's free lets meet at the 'spot' on Spintex rd:-]

  6. ... also...

    5) who are the journalists that are a waste of time and space and perpetuate the problems facing ghanaian journalism?

  7. @Chrysalis, i offer to answer question 5 and the answer is none!

    everyone of dem 'waste of time and space' journalists is important! no matter how you look at it!

    non-negotiable answer! lol!

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