Monday, April 20, 2009

Co-Sign: Adventures from the Bedrooms of African Women

Adventures from the Bedrooms of African Women is written , amongst others, by a friend of mine but I will try and write this without bias. Its intriguing title is largely self-explanatory but if your imagination is low on gas today then think of it as the blog version of all those necessary yet secret conversations African women (used to/still) have with their daughters when men are busy elsewhere.

Well-written, honest, deeply personal and actually serving a purpose, Adventures... is vying with Esi Cleland's Wo Se Ekyir and cousin Whapibak's Second Child, Last Born for my favourite Ghanaian blogs of 2009 (so far).

Highly recommended.


  1. :-)

    I so diggs that African woman's bedroom theatrics!


    Good Bloog my friend!! Congratulations!!

    good luck!! See you!

  3. Gotta agree with Que about Adventures from..., and about Maameous too!

  4. Oh Que! I am sooo flattered.Thank you very much. I also love Esi's blog and will check out Whapibak's.

    Mucho Love,

    Nana Darkoa

  5. Aww shucks fam, thanks for the vote of confidence.

    You are the second person to recommend "Adventures from the Bedrooms of African Women" this week. I'm heading over there this weekend, when I have a few hours.

  6. I will plug Adventures til the end! Love it, love it, love it!

    And Wo Se Eykir was the first Ghanaian blog I ever followed and I'm still on it!

    Doing great girls,

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