Friday, April 24, 2009

Movie: Jump Tomorrow

I caught this film on a flight from the UK a couple of years ago. The Godfather it isn't but regardless, halfway through it I had already decided it was one of my favourite films ever.

Unluckily for me, it was the third or so film I was watching (gotta love British Airways) and the plane landed before I could see the ending.

People, I'm begging you: if anyone in Accra has this film or knows a DVD library here that stocks it, please get in touch!

Here's the only clip of it I can find on YouTube:


  1. Good luck in finding this movie; not even a torrent search could pull any FREE results.

  2. wow! that film looks extra special!

    How u been man? Stumbled across ur blog again...doing big things as usual I see!

    email/facebook me...let me know what's good?